Individual Retreats

While different for each visitor, the retreat experience often includes personal reflection, silence and time in nature, spiritual guidance, creative expression, massage, and other healing work.

A retreat is a time to awaken to your inner story, letting it open you to a larger, mythic story. It is a time to cultivate that which brings you more alive and to soften and release that which holds you back from embracing your basic goodness.

Through practices such as meditation, dream work, music, art and journaling, you may come to a greater appreciation of your soul’s journey, honoring it with compassion and gentleness.

Individual Retreats can be an overnight, during the week or weekend or for longer periods of time.


Sabbaticals at Spirit Mountain Retreat are designed to help individuals enliven their spiritual journey as well as expand self-awareness and consciousness. This extended time of retreat offers guidance and support to individuals who:

• Seek a richer and more loving relationship with self, others, and God
• Yearn for rest, refreshment, and solitude
• Are experiencing life transitions
• Healing from illness, loss, or grief
• Exploring new understandings of the universe, new science, and faith

Hildegard’s Hermitage offers sabbatical guests a comfortable living area including an upstairs bedroom and work space with small refrigerator and private bath.

Hosted Retreats and Gatherings

Spirit Mountain Retreat also offers space for hosted retreats and gatherings. These often include community service events, workshops, management or board retreats.

Recent gatherings and programs include:

  • Women’s Business Summit
  • 12-Step Recovery Groups
  • SRF Meditation Groups
  • Engage Yourself with Color
  • Women’s Fall Writing Workshop
  • Women Veterans with PTSD Resiliency Workshops
  • Drum Circles
  • Weddings
  • Memorial Services
  • Birthday Celebrations
  • Dream Workshops

Hosted Retreats for Small Groups

See what the leaders of We Summit, a group of women executives and entrepreneurs had to say about their stay at Spirit Mountain Retreat.

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